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Group X - Cycle & H.I.I.T

Group X Instructor - Zumba

Owner of Kiska

Strong like a mom

Yin & Ashtanga Yoga

Méditation Pleine Conscience

Mandala Yoga & Yoga Mama

Group X Instructor - Urban Drums & Body Sculpt

SGT Instructor & Personal Trainer


The New Dallas Project

Teacher / I Lead By Example For Others Judge My Results & Follow Me

Free Spirited Skater

Skate and Learn with the most skilled on wheels


Personal Development

Qi Gong Master & Life Coach

Formateur & accompagnateur

Strategy Courses for Executives

Passion Projects

Coach, Principal

Co-founder, Coach, Speaker

Coach, Speaker

Coach, Principal

Coach, Trainer

Fiddle and piano instructor

Coach, Trainer

Coach, Trainer

Coach, Speaker

Step dance and Pilates instructor

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