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Yoga, Transformational Programs & Bootcamps

Barre Instructor

Vinyasa, Yoga Thérapie & Fondatrice du Divine Alchemy Yoga School

Barre à Terre, Pilates & Yoga

Group X Instructor - PIlates & Yoga

Group X Instructor - Barre & Pilates


Professor Nate

Motivational Speaker/Teacher, Life & Business Coach, Life Insurance Agent

Director of Talent Development and Recruitment

Join to Bid • Bid to Win • Share to Earn! (Professor/teacher)

The New Dallas Project


Personal Development

Strategy Courses for Executives

Qi Gong Master & Life Coach

a.k.a. Planewalker

Passion Projects

Coach, Trainer

Fiddle and piano instructor

Coach, Principal

Coach, Speaker

Coach, Principal

Coach, Trainer

Step dance and Pilates instructor

Founder, Trainer, Coach

Coach, Principal

Coach, Speaker

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